Those who know me well know my real love is wildlife and specifically African wildlife. I have been returning to Africa as often as possible over the last 15 years to indulge my passion. From the "Big Five" to the elusive Pangolin, Cheetah, Rhino, Giraffe, Hyena,  a wide selection of birds and bugs and my beloved Elephant. 


I have a large library of high quality shots . All prints are high resolution and are available as digital negatives, fine art prints, (framed or unframed), and on a selection of other formats.




My favourite cat. Cheetah global populations have now dropped to under 7,100 and these stunning animals are always a rare treat to see.


I have a wide selection of Cheetah shots including some stunning photographs of three brothers together. The Cheetah is currently listed as "Vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The elusive Leopard:


I've been blessed to see many Leopard over the last 15 years. These are very shy and elusive animals and tend to shun contact with humans. 


If this is your kind of cat drop me a line and I'll share my Leopard portfolio with you. Leopard are now currently listed as "Vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The King and Queen of Africa:


To see these in the wild is an amazing experience. Eye contact with these magnificent beasts is a truly humbling feeling.


I have many Lion and Lioness shots and with some of beautiful cubs. Drop me a line and I'll share my portfolio with you.The Lion, Panthera leo, is listed as Vulnerable on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Silhouettes/Black and White


Sometimes a black and white or silhouette image conveys the moment better than colour. I have great selection of stunning bird and beast silhouette and black and white images. Let me know the kind of thing you're looking for.



Now to be honest I've only seen Pangolin once. These are one of the most spectacular, endangered and poached animals on the planet.


I have a selection of about 30-40 pangolin prints that I took in the Kruger National Park in 2016. (I still have the champagne cork from that day.)



The colour and variation of birdlife in Africa is stunning. From Bee Eaters to Kingfishers and Eagles. Let me know what you're looking for.



For my money the most intelligent, playful, inquisitive animals on the planet. I could watch these beautiful animals all day.  I have a huge selection of Elephant shots. Groups, individuals and of course baby Elephants..the cutest of them all.The African Elephant, Loxodonta africana, is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They are slightly larger than their Asian cousins and can be identified by their larger ears that look somewhat like the continent of Africa. (Asian elephants have smaller, rounded ears.)

The African Wild Dog:

With under 5,000 of these beautiful animals left in the wild they make up one on the growing list of "endangered" species on the ICUN red list and are a VERY rare treat to see anywhere in Africa. Over the last 5 years I've had just 3 sightings of these elusive animals. One of Africa's most ferocious predators

The African wild dog, also called Cape hunting dog or painted dog, typically roams the open plains and sparse woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa.

These long-legged canines have only four toes per foot, unlike other dogs, which have five toes on their forefeet. The dog's Latin name means “painted wolf,” referring to the animal's irregular, mottled coat, which features patches of red, black, brown, white, and yellow fur. Each animal has its own unique coat pattern, and all have big, rounded ears.


The White, and the more aggressive , and elusive, black Rhino are the tanks of Africa. A close encounter with these impressive animals is always a pleasure to see. With poor eyesight but acute hearing these prehistoric mammals are an intrinsic part of the African landscape