• David Bough

The Great Escape..African style.

Sometimes I wonder if there are more lions outside the park than in. Several months ago one of the staff, who cycles in from Komatipoort, call me and asked if I could pick him up. Sometimes if he has a flat I pop out and collect him.

“What’s the problem ?” I asked him.

“Lions” he replied.

“Silva, I know there are lions in the park” I said.

” No” he replies..” in the field opposite the lodge !!!!”

So I hop in the bakkie and hit the road to be greeted by 7 lions sat peacefully, surveying the scene, in the sugar cane field opposite our entrance. Rangers, farm owners and a couple of people on their way to the Kruger stood outside their cars staring back at the lions. I collect Silva and drop him off at the lodge and close the gate before returning to the lions to see if I can help. (the farmer, not the lions).

Within 10 mins the lions get up and wonder through the hedge and disappear.

Now in Europe the army would be called out, the S.A.S., snipers, helicopters and a 5 km exclusion zone declared…not in Africa. The workers are ferried to the farm in bakkies and a few hours later, when the lions haven’t been seen, it is declared safe and everyone goes back to work !!!!! .

I don’t thing they ever did find our exactly when the lions found their way back to the park…only in Africa.

Just this morning one of the guests mailed me a video of a Male lion, slightly confused by all the attention,wondering up the N4, (think M4 motorway in the U.K. ), between Komatipoort and Hectorspruit. Gotta love this place 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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