• David Bough

Strange bedfellows.

Yesterday we reached a dry riverbed with two lions sleeping in the shade of a bush right in the middle.

On the far bank two trees.

The one on the left…two leopards.

The one on the right..two leopards.

Leopards are VERY territorial and we were perplexed as to why to sets of adult leopards should be in such close proximity ?.

Why they were up the trees was pretty obvious, the lions, but why were they so close together ?.

The strangest sighting we’ve seen was on the H5. Heading west we bumped into one of our guide friends who told us ” keep going straight and you won’t believe what you’ll find. A leopard and a hyena resting in two bushes 15 feet apart !!!”

Naturally we were sceptical but taking her at her word we pressed on. Sure as “eggs is eggs” there they were: sworn enemies dozing in the sun not 15 feet from each other, apparently very relaxed and happy with each others proximity. Now hyena are the scourge of leopard and I suspect the main reason they haul they prey up into trees. Why these two, while not being best buddies, were happy with each others company is a mystery and against everything written in the textbooks.

Go figure.

Strangely the hyena left when we spotted an approaching Male leopard , foaming at the mouth and obviously looking for love. Charging into the bush where out other leopard had been resting chaos ensued and after a flurry of snarling and crashing branches not one but two leopards hurtled out of the bush perused by lover boy.

Another strange day in the bush.


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