• David Bough

Responsibility in the Kruger. (A few tips).

The Kruger is a fragile environment the inhabitants of which fight and struggle to survive feed and raise their young.

So a few tips to help you enjoy your trip to the Kruger.

This is their environment and not ours. Do not interact with the animals, leave nothing in the park, paper, orange peel, apple cores, cans anything. They are a danger to the animals and the delicate balance of the park.

Take nothing. It may be tempting to take items from the park but this is strictly forbidden under SanParks rules.

PLEASE PLEASE do not feed the animals. This may well sign their death warrant. They can get over confident and aggressive with humans and then may have to be euthanised.


Always a bone of contention. Don’t be one of those people who hog a sighting or irritates others.

SANParks guidelines are as follows and are printed on your entry permit.

General sighting: Park on the side of the road where the sighting is located and will prevents cars from passing between the viewing vehicle and the object you are viewing. Be careful when passing animals or birds close to the road. They could be alarmed and run into the road.

Congested viewing: in case of viewings where many cars causing congestion the lane opposite, (furthest away), from the side of the object/game being viewed may not be blocked by stationary vehicles. The lane must be kept open se wishing to pass the sighting. Please do not park diagonally especially in the parking lane.

Please don’t crowd the animals or corner them. This puts them under stress. Always give them room to move away if they want.

(Don’t crowd us).

Don’t hog sightings. Spend some time with the animal, take your photographs and move off to let other people enjoy the sighting.

Don’t hoot or shout at the animals to get their attention.

Turn off your engine. There is nothing more irritating than hearing someone’s V8 rumbling away when your trying to enjoy sighting or listen to the bush.

Do not hang out of the car window or sunroof. Again this is against SanParks regulations and apart from putting you in serious harms way you may be on the receiving end of a fine.

Never drive on no entry roads and NEVER drive off road. Many little things live by the sides of roads and you will damage the bush.

(Watch out for me by the roadside).

NEVER EVER get out of your car. If you want to find a leopard, lion or hyena it’s the fastest way to to do so but you may not enjoy the experience. This is wild Africa to treat it with respect.

(I’ll be waiting if you leave your car…mmm).

I’m sure I’ve missed a few but all these tips are designed to keep us, the visitors, and the animals safe and happy.

Use common sense and love your day(s) in the park.

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