• David Bough

Of Birds and Bees.

For many first time visitors to the Kruger the “big 5” are top of the “must see list” but the park offers so much more for those who have patience and the love of all things feathered.

The large predators are sometimes hard to find, especially the elusive Leopard, and a little light birding provides an excellent opportunity to lean more about the eco-system of the park and is great fun for young and old alike.

The kruger boasts over 500 species of avian wildlife and includes some of the rarest and most beautiful birds in the world. From the mighty Bateleur and Marshall eagles to the Southern Ground Hornbills, Vultures, Sunbirds, Bee-eaters and tiny Melba Finches.

Bring, or hire, a pair of binoculars and ensure you get a good bird book or app.

I use Roberts which is a great heel in identifying the various species.

If your already an avid birder why not contact Marc or Toby who are two of the best bird guides in South Africa.

Toby Esplin.

Mark Cronje.

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