• David Bough

Murder Incorporated.

Well it seems our Vurhami girls have been on a bit of a killing spree over the last few days. A Buffalo came to a sticky end by hippo pools a few days ago and we know they’ve also killed a number of Impala and warthog, light snacks for our hungry pride. With waterholes drying up and river levels dropping they now regularly cross the crocodile river to our side in search of the Impala, kudu and waterbuck who also venture to the lush grass outside the lodge. Three out of the last 4 days we have had good, and long, sightings of them hunting and resting on the sand bar in the middle of the river.

Last night while the guests were having pre braai drinks I popped down to the observation deck to see if I could find any hippos and there three feet from the fence was a lioness prowling through the reeds in search of a tasty meal. Much spilling of drinks and trying to stay quiet as they hurtled towards the deck. Great fun and a very nice sighting.

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