• David Bough

Missing Leopards.

So I’ve just returned from a wonderful 5 weeks in the Kruger National Park. Just tombe back was wonderful and i had the pleasure of catching up with some great friends and met some wonderful mew ones.

Having spent a deal of time in the park I’ve had some great sightings but a few leopards have escaped me.

The famous Gomondwane, Biyamiti and Berg en Dal camp leopard have always eluded me..not on this trip 👍.

i was so so lucky to have sightings at all these famous locations so here we go.


A wonderful sighting over two days of the young female. Mum was close and watching when i found her; i didn’t get a sight of her but the young pretender posed wonderfully for us in a tree just south of the Duke road. Mum had killed and junior was feeding in a tree overhanging the S130…a truly stunning few hours.


Nearly all of my friends have seen the legendary Biyamiti leopard and until this trip despite the weir being one of my favourite places in the park I’d never seen a leopard there. Right place and right time on this trip. The first tree on the north end on the wier and they he was. Not a great sighting from the road but I nipped round to the little loop behind the wier and managed to get a couple of nice shots.

Berg en Dal.

This leopard had been in and out of the camp for a few weeks and on my last full day in Kruger I decided to head up to the Malelane area to see what I could find. All morning no leopard despite the previous day 5 or 6 had been seen around the S25, S114, S119 area so I headed up to Berg en Dal to stretch my legs and have a cock…it was a hot day.

I rested and filled the car up chatting to the guy at the station about when the leopard had last been seen…nothing for a few days.

I paid and headed to the park.

50ft from the camp gate were 3 cars looking intently at something by the side of the road…there he was, resting under a shady bush not 20ft from the side of the road.

What lucky timing. A beautiful big male panting in the heat and having no issue with the gathering crowd.

I must admit Cheetah and Caracal are my favourite cats but any sighting of. Leopard is a special treat and yet again the Kruger National Park shared her secrets

Next trip I’m parking at the Lubyelubye rocks until I see the iconic leopard day…one day

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