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Just one of those days….

I’ve been back in my beloved Africa for nearly a month now and yet again the bush has not disappointed. A few lovely early Christmas presents from the Kruger National Park and the wonderful Pilanseberg reserve.

Yet again I seem to have been in the right place at the right time. I suppose the more “bush time” you put in the luckier you get. The laser like eyes of David Steynfaardt also helped 😎😎😎

One of my favourite birds is the Diederk Cuckoo and over the years I’ve struggled to get a good sighting of these wonderfully marked birds yet alone a good photograph. This time I was lucky with two close sightings..a real treat.

The beautiful leopard is probably top of every visitors wishlist and over the last 4 weeks I’ve been blessed with 3 really lovely sightings. Malelane gate has always been productive for me finding leopards and yet again it came up trumps.

Visiting with my best friends David and Jacqueline Steynfaardt what was the first animal we came across ?. This beautiful young leopard resting in a tree not 1km from the gate. Happy days.

Again on the road between Sabie and Skukuza, on the river side, we encountered this stunning male who obligingly rested in an open space in the bush for 20 minutes not 20 feet from us.

Great lion sightings again on the tar road from Croc bridge and Gomondwane loop and wonderful cheetah on the broken dam road and near Dukes waterhole.

After the rain the bush is quite dense in places but most of the animals seem to behave and give us a good sighting. I know we all feel the frustration of animals hiding behind bushes or in the densest part of a tree..

This tip in particular I seem to have encountered every grumpy elephant in Africa. Day after day my route was blocked by these wonderful, majestic animals all of whom seem to have got out of the wrong side of bed.

For those of you who know the Gomondwane loop and how narrow the road is I’m sure you appreciate my feelings when this gentleman came rocking round a narrow bend 😂.

I know when to stay and know when to leave…on this occasion I thought discretions was the better part of valour and moved off to let him enjoy “his” road.

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