• David Bough

In praise of the south.

Many times we hear that the southern portion of the park is too busy. It is true that the northern part of the park is quieter but the density of game is substantially lower.  Despite the fact that the southern section of the park can get busy, especially during holidays and long weekends there there are still fantastic sightings to be had.

Two sightings as examples.

This beautiful cat was sat no more than 1.5km from Skukuza, the largest camp in the Kruger, on a sunny Thursday afternoon. I had her all to myself for over half an hour without a single car passing. The vehicle to pass is was the SanParks Sunset drive.


Keeping on the subject of leopards, another female, this time on the H5 on a long weekend.  Again on our own but this time for 40 minutes before another car arrived.



So on busy weekend keep your eyes peeled for spots, rosettes, tails and ears. Head for the path less beaten and enjoy fantastic sightings even at the busiest times.

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