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Day zero. Our first update

So Wednesday 29th. A 5am start for Lorrie getting some very excited guests onto their Safari with An from sentashya safaris. It’s always nice seeing guests boarding an open Safari vehicle for their first trip to the park.

The staff arrive at 6.30am, ish, and are given their duties for the day. Lorrie looks after the staff rosta with Ilsa, (half of Bruce and Ilsa the other couple who manage the lodge with us).

Cleaning duties are interrupted this morning by 12 of our local lion pride, the Vurhami, put in an appearance on the riverbank opposite the lodge. Stunning themselves on the rocks they watch some Impala from a distance and wonder if it’s with the chase for such a small snack. They decide it’s not. After about an hour they saunter off one by one in the direction of the bridge only to return some minutes later with two new additions. Returning to the rocks to rest it’s only a few minutes before they’re up and running, this time in earnest. This I must admit didn’t go down well with our breeding herd of elephant who were feeding in the riverbed at the time. Much trumpeting and rumbling from the older members of the herd and shrill squeaks from the younger members of the herd.

The lions track upstream and cross over the river before we lose them in the reeds.

It’s always special to see these animals on the move. They’ll be back soon I warrant.

A normal afternoon , room checks and maintenance and Lorrie looking after the emails and bookings.

The owners stay for the braai tonight, which is nice, and with the lodge not full for the first time in nearly two months we manage to get finished by 9pm leaving them with the last two guests.

Tomorrow is the start of four well earns days off and we’ve managed to get a tent at Skukuza.

Kruger here we come.

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