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Away from home

So it’s been nearly six months since I was back in my beloved Kruger. The seasons are changing and summers on its way bringing the migrant birds I love so much, the long hot days and wonderful storms.

Quite a few of my friends have visited over the last few months, Gemma Thompson and her other half and the ledgend that is Barry Bass have been updating all of us who can’t be at the park with wonderful photographs, videos and wonderful tales of bush babies, cheetah, leopard, lion and a myriad of other wonderful sightings.

I spoke to Bruce at my old lodge last night and quite a few of our old guests have returned over the last few months: I miss the team there every day.

There is nothing in this world like a day in Kruger and in the evening a braai with a loved one or friends. Just to sit and chat about the days events and plan the next days route. Mostly a waste of time as the plan goes out of the window at the first junction.

Anyway a few photographs from my last trip. I hope to catch up with my friends from around the world soon and especially those back home in South Africa.


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