• David Bough

A tale of four tails.

Some days in the Kruger can be quiet but some days…wow.

Yesterday was one of the WOW days.

We were a little late getting to Malelane gate but in good spirits and looking forward to spending the day noodling around to see if we could find Wild Dog. (More of that later).

Heading up on the tar we hooked a right up to S114 to be greeted with out first tails of the day. A mating pair of Leopard resting in a fig tree. Not a bad start. We spent some time with this beautiful pair before heading off and 30m up the road bumped into a Hyena chomping on a dead buffalo head.

Some nice elephant sightings followed including a cute calf feeding from mum.

Now moving down the crocodile river road Lorrie heard some Impala alarm calling. We stopped and watched and listened before seeing the telltale white flash of a leopard tail in one of the bushes. The impala bolted and our dejected cat headed off to look for new prey. Tail number 3.

After some lovely rhino sightings we headed off to Afssal for snacks, stoping for a while to say hello to the hyena resting in the shade in the car park !.

Off on the road again in search of dogs when we bumped into a lovey lady who advised us to stick on our road for a few km and we would find what we were looking for. Low and behold our dogs. Resting after a kill and moving from shade to shade before settling down for a well earned sleep. We stayed for about 30 minutes before heading off and bumping into David Lovell, one of the best guides in the Kruger. His advice “keep going until you reach the Eagle owl tree, (we know it well), and there’s a leopard sleeping on the far river bank.

Tale 4. A beautiful male leopard dozing and cleaning his paws in full view on the far side of the riverbank.

What a day and one I suspect we will find hard to match for a while.

The icing on the cake when we got back to the lodge. Our Vurhami lions hunting in the dark opposite the lodge.

A day of wonder indeed.

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